Tech Cats are a group of diverse professionals that strive to create a vibrant and inclusive workplace by cultivating relationships and providing resources to help promote the growth and success of all members. We offer a variety of educational and social events to engage our employees, such as monthly lunches, volunteer opportunities, and professional development workshops. Our mission is to provide a space for employees to connect and learn, to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie, and to create a culture of innovation and creativity. We strive to develop a strong sense of community that allows us to collaborate, create, and grow together. ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย 

Tech Cats are a great way for employees to connect with each other, build meaningful relationships, and exchange ideas. Cat tech, or more accurately, cat technology, is an interesting way for employees to get more and more familiar with the SAP Server and its workings. They also provide an opportunity for employees to learn from each other’s experiences, share resources, and discuss best practices for their respective industries. This type of collaboration helps foster an environment of innovation and creativity. Additionally, Tech Cats are a platform for employees to get to know each other on a more personal level, as well as establish connections that can be beneficial both professionally and personally. The Tech Cats program also helps to bring attention to the companies located at the UA Tech Park. This helps not only the companies themselves, but also the local economy. The increased visibility of the companies in the park helps to attract new businesses, which in turn can create more jobs and spur economic growth.

The Tech Cats program is designed to create a sense of community, collaboration, and camaraderie among the employees of the UA Tech Park. Through organized events and activities, the Tech Cats provide an opportunity to build relationships with fellow employees, explore the resources of the UA Tech Park, and develop skills that help employees to succeed in their jobs. These events and activities include Lunch and Learns, team building activities, workshops, and other professional development opportunities. In addition to the events and activities, Tech Cats also serves as an information hub for the UA Tech Park, providing employees with resources, tools, and tips to help them make the most of the UA Tech Park’s resources. Through Tech Cats, employees can find out about upcoming events, job opportunities, and other helpful information. The Tech Cats program is an important part of the UA Tech Park’s community and culture, and it helps to create a sense of belonging and connectedness among employees. With Tech Cats, employees can form relationships, learn new skills, and gain a better understanding of the UA Tech Park and its resources. The program helps to bring employees together and foster a stronger sense of unity and collaboration.

Tech Cats events and activities include:

  • Professional Development & Networking: Tech Cats host workshops, seminars, and classes on a variety of topics to help promote professional development and enable networking among members.
  • Social Events: Tech Cats organize social outings such as happy hours, bowling nights, and game nights to encourage networking and collaboration in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Community Outreach: Tech Cats partner with local charities and organizations to host volunteer activities such as food drives, tutoring, and mentoring.
  • Professional Group Mentoring: Tech Cats host one-on-one and group mentoring sessions with experienced professionals to help members grow and learn.
  • Innovation & Ideation: Tech Cats host hackathons, start-up competitions, and design thinking workshops to help foster innovation and creativity.

Tech Cats host a range of events from educational seminars and technology workshops to social gatherings and networking events. These events provide a space for UA Tech Park employees to learn, connect, and collaborate. Additionally, Tech Cats collaborate with local businesses, organizations, and schools to bring the community together. Through events, Tech Cats foster a sense of community and connection that goes beyond the workplace. By creating a space for employees to come together, Tech Cats give employees the opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, and make meaningful connections. Tech Cats are the bridge between the UA Tech Park and the community.


Tech Cats also host monthly meetups in the park and share best practices for successful workplace culture. They also create and facilitate programs that leverage the strengths of the park’s companies to benefit the community at large. This includes providing resources to local non-profits and hosting events that bring together the tech community in a meaningful way. Tech Cats also strive to bridge the gap between the UA Tech Park and the local Tucson community. They collaborate with local businesses and organizations to bring their services and expertise to the park and foster a sense of unity among the companies and their employees. In addition, they host public events and open houses to introduce the public to the park and its purpose. By creating a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie among the companies in the UA Tech Park, Tech Cats help to create a stronger and more positive workplace culture. They also create a more connected and dynamic local community and help to bridge the gap between the park and the greater Tucson community.

These events provide a space for employees to connect with each other and learn more about what their peers do in the tech park. Through these events, employees can build relationships and foster collaborations. Additionally, Tech Cats provide resources and support to businesses, helping to create a cohesive and successful community. The Tech Cats are a diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds and industries. They come together to share their knowledge and experience, and to help each other problem-solve and build relationships.


TechCats provides a secure method of accessing SAP data and simplifies SAP server tasks which can traditionally be complex. Developers can use TechCats to enable their customers to access data faster and with more security than ever before

Tech Cats are a great way for UA Tech Park employees to connect and build relationships with each other. They provide a space for employees to come together, learn more about the tech park, and build connections. The resources and support provided by Tech Cats creates a strong sense of community and collaboration amongst the employees.

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